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The gallery, which is situated in the center of the old quarter, was born in December 2009 in order to promote and encourage the Contemporary Art. We would like the gallery to be a meeting point where different works of acclaimed and novel artists can be presented to amateurs and collectors. In this way we give you a global vision of the different trends and expressions of the Contemporary Plastic Arts. At the same time the gallery will be a fertile field for projects production since promotes the dialogue between several generations of artists. In other words, a meeting point where those who love art can meet.

Every artist excels by his/her plurality of proposals and by the used languages at his/her production showing the current artistic freedom and its importance for the artistic world. With different styles, supports and techniques all the artists accept passionately and firmly the difficult challenge of integrating from Modernity in the deep trends of the Spanish pictorial tradition. In order to boost the knowledge of diverse artistic languages we constantly change the exhibited works and so people can have a wide and varied idea of our proposals. Furthermore, this steady change maintains alive the interest in approaching the world of art. For this reason, the gallery is planned to present monographic and collective exhibitions of its artists during the whole year.

KartON Art Gallery aspires to become a Contemporary Art reference of this region and to dedicate to the promotion of those artists with many years’ experience and those who need a place to exhibit and make known their work. The main goal of the gallery is that the public can enjoy and feel comfortable and relaxed to watch and look for what he/she is interested in.